Biography 6: Amby

Amby is my best friend. We met in Hamburg, Germany while I was studying there and teamed up with her then boyfriend Roberto. Amby and Roberto were from Miami and I was happy to have someone in this small town hell to share my North American jokes and nuances with.  Amby would often study in our Ad School library and that’s how we became friends. I dragged her to Happy Hour at Cock-Tails under the subway platform and that was it.

I kind of hated everyone at that school so it was nice to get an escape. Amby was studying German at a language institution nearby and came with a whole set of new experiences and friends. When our time in Germany ended and she moved to London with Roberto and I moved to Paris for an internship. We lost touch for a bit then something amazing happened, after Paris and London we both moved to New York. We partied all the way from Harlem to Brooklyn and it was an awesome three months. Then she moved back to Florida to be with her family when she and Roberto broke it off.

Although we’re separated physically by a vast number of States and Provinces we chat regularly over Facetime.  She just moved out of her parents house into an apartment a couple blocks from her sister’s place and I’m back in my hometown as well. We went through those adjustments together. It’s nice to have someone who lives at the same pace. Although she has zoomed ahead as of late, it hasn’t affect our friendship.

This story is part of: “10 Bios in 10 Days” by Jane A. F.


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